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Giveaways and Discounts!

A while back I posted a link to a friend's website that makes and sells scented jewelry. A lot of you guys left some good feedback and suggestions, and I went to her with your comments/concerns. She wrote me a message to post to this comm, with a special little offer for all of you interested in her jewelry, so please look behind the cut for information! <3

Hello lolitas! 

I want to share a fun contest that I'm holding exclusively for the members of EGL. And there's a surprise too at the end if you read through this!

All you'll need to do is to browse our Tiny Hands website and pick out your favorite Tiny Hands jewelry! Then write a comment here saying what item that is.

I'll be picking one or several winners depending on how many people participate. The prizes will be the item of your choosing at our shop.

*Psst, here's a little hint!* To increase your chances of being picked you can also get your friends and family to help write comments for you :D

This contest ends on the 20th of November 2010.

And now for the big surprise! All EGL friends are entitled to a 20% discount off their orders until the 20th of November as well - it'll be a great place to shop for Christmas presents to give or to keep for yourself! Just use the code: "GothicLolita" when you checkout :)

Thanks, and have fun!
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