Rebecca (love_rev_21) wrote in egl,

Zipper emergency -Update-

Hi ladies and gentlemen. I'm in a bit of trouble.

I wore my IW Antique Book Skirt to a part last night. It has an invisible zipper. It zipped and unzipped perfectly fine throughout the night. I came home and sat around for a little while, then went to unzip the skirt.... and it wouldn't unzip.

I tried to un-zip the skirt for about half an hour, and all I got was bruised thumbs (no, literally). I tried rubbing olive oil on the zipper to make it more slippery, and before that graphite, which I've heard sometimes helps with a stuck zipper. Nothing. I ended up having to sleep in the skirt. Come the next morning, it's still stuck.

There's nothing visually wrong with the zipper- no broken teeth, no fabric caught in anything. It's not too tight, but I can't slip the skirt over my hips or head with it fully zipped like this.
I'm still wearing the skirt as we speak, and I'm about ready to just cut the zipper out.

Do any of you have any ideas that can save my poor skirt from that fate?

(I can provide pictures if that might help...)


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I ended up having to separate the zipper and remove the pull.... but I'm finally out of the skirt! I'm lucky enough to be friends with a wonderful seamstress who, despite giving me tons of grief about my "frilly dresses," will surely be able to put a new zipper in for me.

Thanks again, everyone!
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