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Angelic Pretty International Review

Since the latest review I could find here for AP International was in 2008 I thought I'd make a new one :)

Here's a quick timeline:
  • October 5: I place my order for Little Bear's Cafe set
  • October 7: I send an email via their MyPage Contact Board asking them if they could kindly double check my items are correct before shipping it out
  • October 8: AP sends me the invoice
  • October 11: JP-stores graciously replies to my previous query with a yes :)
  • October 15: AP sends me a message saying my items have been sent to JP-stores
  • October 20: JP-stores sends me invoice for shipping
  • October 20: JP-stores sends me tracking 3 hours after my payment.
  • October 25: I receive the parcel with everything correct

The whole transaction went incredibly smoothly, which to be honest surprised me, especially after the previous horror stories that I've read both in angelicpoodle and egl . The whole thing took less than 3 weeks. Maybe I was just lucky, but based on this experience I'm going to give them a positive review.

And now for some photos!

The parcel consists of your items inside their respective plastic bags, inside an AP plastic bag (with handles cut off), and then wrapped once again with bubble wrap.

The dress *__* It's absolutely gorgeous in person. The fabric is very thick, even thicker than Baby's Chibineko Bouquet. It has no zipper. But it's very forgiving since it has full back shirring =)

The headbow and socks, wrapped in pink tissue paper inside another plastic bag.

The headbow and socks unwrapped =D Plus an AP sticker

The entire contents of the parcel. I've loved this print ever since it was posted in angelicpoodle, and it's definitely one of my favourites in my closet :D Oh, and the pom poms at the edge of the dress are there... it's just hanging over the bed so you can't see them in this photo XD

Overall Experience: Positive
Communication: 4/5
JP-stores Shipping: 5/5 (very well wrapped. Shipping was also the fastest I've encountered compared with BTSSB and Meta)
By shipping I meant from sending the shipping invoice to sending the tracking # from JP-stores, but Baby and Meta are fast as well. I think AP could do better than 3 weeks, though my last purchase from Meta took three weeks to get to me too so I don't know if this is normal for international orders. With Baby it took about 1.5 weeks from memory.
Quality: 5/5

I hope you find the review useful =) Let me know if you have any questions!
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