Haley (haleyhearts) wrote in egl,

The Lolita (+bonus pic)

Ok, i know its not a very creative name for a poem, but here it is XD. and a bonus pic of my doll i dressed up!


The Lolita

If I didn’t have just a cent

I would buy a Lolita dress, you see

When the skirt blooms out like a circus tent

My heart fills up with glee.

                           When the label says, Baby the Stars Shine Bright,                   

And bows are placed over the land,

The corsets are laced up very tight,

And Bodyline is the new brand.

When Moi-même-Moitié suddenly stands

And says they’ll sell their clothes for free,

 They metamorphose into a lovely brand,

Called the Dollar Tree.

When Angelic Pretty is cheaper than dirt,

                                   And Mary Magdalene sells for 20 Yen                              
When I can finally buy my Jumper Skirt

Rococo shall rise again

Then all of the Victorian Maidens can

Dance, swirl, and sing

                                         Now I just need a money plan…                                   
Hey, can I borrow something?


annnndddd the bonus pic!

she was sooooo unwilling but we finally shoved her into it! it really looks good on her!
                                                                                       Thanks for reading! as always, comments and concrit 
                                                                                        are greatly appreciated!


Tags: media: fictions/short stories/poems, theme: october

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