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Theme Post: "Parasitic Ink"

A poem I wrote some time back; related to lolita & literature as well as being a little creepy and Halloween-appropriate. 

"Parasitic Ink"
Ink dribbles from the end of my pen in thick black drops;
Drips down into my lap and stains my skirt,
Seeping through the velvet fabric onto my skin.
I can feel it burrowing through into my veins,
Joining with my blood and turning delicate blue veins black as night.
It courses through every artery and organ, staining them with its bitter color.
The ink is alive.
The ink is alive inside me.
I can feel it in my fingertips as I write my grocery list;
In the whites of my eyes reading my favorite novels;
And in my pores as I brush elbows with a friend.
It trickles into my ear canals as I listen to impassioned music.
It thrashes with rage in my stomach when I wonder what sort of sick parasite ink is.
I feel it stir in the back of my neck as I write this account,
Tracing meaningless, beautiful words against my skull.

I wrote this poem over the summer in a writing class I took for fun. The assignment was to take the first line from another poem and continue on in a different way. The original first line was 'Ink runs from the corners of my mouth' and was taken from the poem "Eating Poetry" by Mark Strand. I changed the first line to suit my poem. Let me know what you think!

(This poem is mine, please don't recopy it or use it without my permission, thanks!) 
Tags: media: fictions/short stories/poems, theme: october

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