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Photo: Nanowrimo party dress

 We went to the Nanowrimo kickoff party today and since my husband was dressed as Death, I decided to put on the only black loli dress I have right now... 

I know this GLP dress commits a lot of sins: mostly the tons of lace and the fact that it's way too short, but I love the shape it has when worn, and my hubby likes it...I just wish it weren't so short. I 'lengthened' it with a black petticoat which looks like it's part of the dress because it's also from GLP and uses the same lace... 

It was a rushed outing. I spent most of the time chasing after my hyperactive toddler, so we only took this photo after we got back home and put my daughter to bed...not a very clear photo, I'm afraid...

EDIT: I'm sorry I gave the wrong impression. I'm not actually doing Nanowrimo. My husband does it regularly and he writes as a hobby. It's just that over the past few years, we've gotten to know the organisers pretty well (he's part of their writing group too) and they've watched my daughter grow from a bump in my belly to a toddler, so she's kind of an unofficial mascot. I just tag along for fun...
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