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PrettyCute Magazine reminder


Quick, you can still get your entries for the photo contest in!

In just two days, the photography contest for our magazine ends. Send in your fairytale or magic inspired photographs, the winner will be on the cover of the second issue of PrettyCute magazine! Entries can be sent to prettycutemagazine@gmail.com, you can read more on www.prettycutemagazine.com.

We've added a rule to the photo contest. In order to keep the content original, you're allowed to post one picture from your shoot as a preview on the internet, as long as you mention PrettyCute Magazine with it. We'd like for you to wait to post the rest of your pictures online, until the second issue of the magazine is up!

Until the next magazine is up, we've got another video for you to watch. The PrettyCuteTV youtube channel uploads new videos regularly, so be sure to check back once every while!

We've also, as per the request of a reader, created buttons for our magazine. Please link to us on your blog or website if you want to! If you need a different size from the ones pictured here, you can drop us a note and we'll be happy to create one for you!

 200*40 pixels

 100*35 pixels

 88*31 pixels

Please don't forget that we appreciate all your feedback and contribution! You can e-mail us at prettycutemagazine@gmail.com. We read and reply to every e-mail.
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