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Question about Taobao boots: Answered! Thankyou xD

Hi! I'm relatively new to lolita, only been actively learning about this fashion for the last 3-4 months. Haven't bought anything yet, but so far I've been really charmed by all the pretty things I've seen :)

Sorry to bother everyone with a question on my first post, but I wanted to ask a few things about these three boots.

1) Custom House Boots Model 042 (the picture above)

2) 长筒系带洋装靴Boots黑白■gothic/punk/lolita/维多利亚 from R-series

3) lolita日本流行高跟长靴9015 黑色 from An*Tai*Na

Does anyone own these boots? I don't really mind which ones I buy but I just wanted to know more about them.

If you don't mind answering:
1) Which one is more comfortable to wear? (are they really stiff?)
2) What is their quality? (durable? is the traction good/non-existant?)
3) How much larger than the actual foot size would you recommend to buy?
My foot size is 23.5cm so should I buy 24cm or 24.5cm?
  Edit: answered

Thankyou in advance.
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