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Looking for a model in NYC

Good evening EGL!
I’m a photography student at FIT in NYC and am looking for a model to work with for my next assignment. The assignment is to create an environmental portrait (a non-studio portrait) of an individual and my concept is to photograph a lolita in a somewhat ”grungy” location to contrast the beautiful, meticulous clothes with their environment.

As far as styles, I’m thinking of something along the lines of classic gothic but am open to ideas (though I’d prefer to stay away from sweets prints).

The location is on 34th st between 9th and 10th ave (near the Jacob K. Javits convention center).
Saturday afternoon around 4:30-5 would be my ideal time to shoot but Monday at the same time would also work (I need to have the film developed on Tuesday). Apologies for the short notice ^-^’

A note: I will be photographing this with black and white film

Examples of my previous work can be found on my website here

Thank you!

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