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Hello Dear's Grand Opening

Hello dears, \(owo)/

I've been watching the egl community for some time now, but I've never actually posted. I'm posting today, because I am starting a store called Hello Dear. It's going to start in the dealer's room at Anime USA in Crystal City, Virginia, then open an online store (the online store is currently under construction.)

AnimeUSA is on November 12~14. :3

Our website: www.Hellodearclothing.com

I'll be selling second hand dresses like Closet Child, Fairy Angel and Alice Fururun, but you won't have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping and exchange rate fees. YAY! :D

Inventory at a glance:
-    Swimmer things
-    Baby the Stars Shine Bright clothes
-    Angelic Pretty clothes
-    Innocent World clothes (In Progress)
-    Black Peace Now
-    H. Naoto
-    Algonquins
-    Non-brand but loli-able accessories
-    Rilakkuma
-    Imai Kira Calendars and iPhone case
-    Heart Heels (Sorry only size M are available (x___x))
-    Other adorable earphones
-    Handmade jewelry trees
-    Hello Dear original goods
-    Featuring artist: Kimidori

Please note that:
-    We are just starting, so we have very limited quantities of everything.
-    It is first come first serve, and we will not reserve or hold anything.
-    Anything that does not sell at AnimeUSA, will be sold on our website. We will announce on egl when all of the merchandise is ready to be sold.
-    There are things that haven't arrived from Japan yet. (x___x) I don't know if it's going to make it in time, but they will appear on our website.

Other appearances:
Hello Dear will also be at Sakuracon (Seattle, WA)!! We will not have the same inventory, as we will for AnimeUSA.
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