nekolalia (nekolalia) wrote in egl,

Fake eyelashes

Hello everybody! Hope it's ok to ask here, I was wondering if anybody could help explain to me how to get false eyelashes on? I've tried putting them on twice now and every time I do it, the glue goes everywhere, the lashes don't stick, and then I have horrible sticky sore eyelids for the rest of the night. I do everything it tells me to do on the packet but I can never get them on right! They always seem to end up in the wrong position too! 

How do you make them stay on and look good? They're so pretty!

- EDIT -
I just tried putting the lashes on, taking into consideration all your wonderful advice. I got them on ok, but the glue seems to really irritate my eyes! Does anyone else find they get sore eyes and eyelids when they try to wash off the glue? I used warm water and a hypoallergenic eye-makeup remover. I want to wear them but if it's going to damage the skin around my eyes I'm worried!
Tags: beauty: make up/skincare, tutorial: request
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