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Dress alteration help :)

I bought this dress from F+F a little while ago, and the more I look at it, the angrier I get at having spent my money on something...costumey. I don't know how to explain it. When I first got it, I was like "Hm, well the quality isn't so bad." But the more I look at it, I think "I don't think I would  wear this in my everyday lolita! It reminds me of a costume with slightly better, non-shiny materials."

So, finally I figure maybe I could change some aspects of the dress in hopes of giving it a better feel. I would like to turn it into a JSK is possible, but I CANNOT sew (edit: I should say that I can sew by hand, but I don't know how to use a machine), so if anyone could give me some pointers of what I should do (perhaps a little drawing of how I shoulder alter it). I'd like to really change it...so.....ALL IDEAS ARE WELCOMED! :D Thanks!

Here is the stock photo

Also, despite the shirring in the back and the zipper on the side, I have a really, really hard time taking this OFF. I own AP dress with shirring and no zipper and taking it off is a breeze. I think it's because of where the shirring ends RIGHT where the skirt starts. Anyone have any ideas on how I can change that part as well?

edited to include pictures and link:

www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-1913/Sweet-Lolita-Plaid-Cotton/Detail f+f page

and my pictures:

w/o a petti
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