Heather O' Gorman (aimeeabsinthexo) wrote in egl,
Heather O' Gorman

Lolita Interview

I'm trying to do a project for Media Writing on Lolita. I would be very grateful if you could answer a few questions. I want as many people as possible to answer the following questions:
  • When did you discover Lolita?
  • What is your favourite brand?
  • What style of Lolita is your favourite? e.g. Sweet, Gothic, Hime, Classic, etc.
  • What is your Dream Print?
  • What is your opinon on the "Lolita Lifestyle"?
  • What do you think of celebrities like Lady GaGa, Lil Kim, Jessica Simpson, etc wearing Lolita?
  • What does Lolita mean to you?
  • Where do you go when wearing Lolita and where would you like to go?
  • What or Who influenced your Lolita style?
  • Do you read any Lolita blogs?
  • Do you attend meet-ups?
  • What is your opinon on "off brands" such as Bodyline and Anna House?
  • When not wearing Lolita what do you wear? Do you partake in any other Japanese Street Fashion such as Decora, Hime Gyaru, Visual Kei, Ganguro, etc?

Tags: community: research/essays/projects, community: surveys/polls/questionnaires
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