faerieharp (faerieharp) wrote in egl,

Little House by the River

 Hello everyone! Here's another art post from me~


I don't know how many people looked at my original art post here, but if you did, as you will be able to see, I ended up not keeping to my original idea for my art project. Instead, I went a different route with Mana still as my subject, I guess. One as girly-Mana and one as I guess young aristocrat Mana? Whatever. ;P I suppose it's in theme with it being black and white...
It's too big for my scanner, so hopefully you can get past the fact that these were taken with my camera.

Full shot:

Closer up stuff~

And of course, the house the project had to include:

Also, I've already been graded on this, and I know I messed up the hands a lot. I wish I had a conte-pencil for finer details like that e 3e;
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