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Filming on the 31st of October at London MCM expo

 Hello everyone!
On Sunday the 31st of October I will be filming at the London MCM expo
I was wondering who will be there on that day in Lolita and if you would be interested in being involved in my small production?

I need 5 speaking parts and a group of lolitas (no speaking, just standing around) for the last scene.
  • Main part. I would like for this person to be OTT. Angelic pretty prints/fake hair/circle lenses etc.
  • Two girls who are with the main character all the time like bodyguards...I would perfer them in Gothic lolita
  • One Girl to dress in what we deem as 'ita' ( brand, bad lace, leg warmers)
  • One person to say a line from the group
  • People to be in a group.

Please comment if your interested in being in this and I'll pm you more details. Can you also state if your interested in a speaking part/which part from the list.
Thank you for reading!

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