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Celga review


I was interested in a sugary carnival skirt and headbow set in sax on Mbok. I placed my maximum bid using the celga form on Sunday morning (10/10/10), sent my deposit and got an email about 30 mins later saying that they had added my bid. It showed up on Mbok about 30 minutes after that. The auction was finishing that day and mid-afternoon celga had won the auction. I emailed to ask if it was me who had won the auction and not some other customer) and they assured me I was the winner and that I would be invoiced for the remainder in a couple of days. I actually got invoiced the next day (11/10/10) and so far so good. On the 15/10/10 I was actually invoiced for an item I didn’t bid on and emailed them to tell them it was a mistake, they looked into it and agreed it was a mistake. I thought that was the end of it.  On the 18/10/10, I got an email to say my item had arrived at celga so I put in a shipping request. The next day (19/10/10) I got an email telling me that one of my items wasn’t in stock yet (the same one they mistakenly thought was mine earlier) and that I should wait. I sent them an email again and not long after got a reply telling me not to worry, that the shipping request had been put in for my one item (so all sorted there). On the 20/10/10 I got my shipping invoice and paid for EMS. I paid $34 dollars shipping. I also asked them to mark the parcel down to avoid customs and they marked it down to $40.  With my shipping invoice I was given a tracking number. My parcel arrived on my doorstep on the 26/10/10 without going through customs.

They only charge a 10% fee on auctions along with a one off payment of $2 for bank transfer fees which I find really reasonable.

Communication: 5/5 (although sometimes I can tell they aren’t completely fluent in English, and give standard answers without answering your questions specifically)

Speed: 4.5/5 (there were a few little delays that could have been quicker if everyone was able to process and invoice, but I have dealt with a lot slower SS companies).

Price: 4.5/5 (well wouldn’t we all like it to be a bit cheaper? This is one of the cheapest auction SS I could find however)

Packaging: 5/5 (very well packaged, even had a disposable belt around the box to keep it from opening up)

Overall: 5/5 (I would recommend them to others and would definitely use their shopping service again)

They even sent me a little omake which consisted of  a cute rilakkuma pencil and pen which I was very happy with!


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