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some late photos

hi everyone I just wanted to post some picture of kera hyper japan and when I went to the baby, the stars shine bright shop in paris
this me outside the shop it was a dream come true. we were meant to go to the lourve but it was shut so me and my step sister both agreed to go here. She does know what lolita is but only from what I've shown and told her but she loves all the prints and how different it is

this was the dress and head bow I got cherry cherry fallin' we were in the shop for hours, it was so beautiful

this is me and my step sister, she really wanted to try one of the dresses on but it was slightly too small for her so she didn''t buy it

this was me and the shop assisant sorry for my hair, she was so nice and her and i think it's her husband gave all the types of bags and the put alice and the pirates and baby,the star shine bright ribbons around the string of the bag, it was also about to rain thats why the a plastic covering around the bag. I had to lug that bag up the eiffel tower, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. I really hope to go back to the shop, i might be going for a shopping spree there for my birthday

  these images are from the hyper japan I don't have many and most of them are of all the peoples outfits but i won't post them because i don't know who you guys were and any usernames but i've got some manily of misako.
 this picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. She was tiny compared to the presenter. and looks a liitle bit scared :P

 this is I think her user name is pixie_late correct me if I'm wrong, she was on the panel and was getting her hair wigged up, it look great both before and after. I loved her whole outfit and i wish i had her shoes ( don't have any pictures of them though)

these wew the winners, i thought it was going to be a propper fashion show but it was just the three winners, It was still really good.

all the lolitas were inivited onto the stage, sorry i don't know any of you guys, i'm wearing the dress i bought from paris and a vintage bowler hat, and tail coat.

this is the editior of kera magazine, he autographed my gothic lolita bibile in english and in japanese. we both had bowler hats on. He was so nice and was quite funny
and my favorite picture me and misako, i took the chance to get an autograph and picture when i fashion had finished and we were all on stage she was so sweet, and signed her name with a smiley face.

the hyper japan was great. the woman and man from the Btssb shop in paris were on the btssb stool, i kept going back to buy things, I went there 5 time and by the end of it they were both smiling. I bought the heart back in black with white lace, pink wrist cuff, alice and the pirates logo ring, a shirt and the summer caterlouge and they gave me an alice and the pirates poster printed for the hyper japan. I also bought a moi meme moitie skirt they had the new cross bag. I really wanted it but I didn't want to spend all my money on one thing (i don't understand why MmM is so expensivre  i love it so much) and my mum bought me two gothic lolita bible and two kera magazines. it was such a fun weekend, i was really lucky not to be at school on the saturday. even if i was iwas going to be "ill"  i would have posted these earlyer but i couldn't find my camera.

thanks for looking xxxxxx

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