missy_matched (missy_matched) wrote in egl,

Mary-Janes on a Budget? EDIT: HELPED!

Hello fellow lolitas!

I'm afraid, that while I'm still rather new, I have no shoes to wear. I am currently sewing much of my starting wardrobe and I am excited to just be starting my first OP! However, I am attending an event within a week or two and I need a good pair of shoes.

I've searched the memories and just done a search but I couldn't find anything on cute, affordable loli shoes. Now, I know that there's Bodyline, but what with paying $30-$45 or more dollars on just the shoes and then around $20 or more extra for shipping, that's a little too steep for me right now.

I've browsed Payless but everything looked too casual or the heels were too high and thin. I also have a few things to point out. I would prefer if I could get them within a week, so please nothing international. Also, my dress that I will be wearing requires white shoes.

Thanks for the help!
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