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ILD Opera meetup reminder

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Here's a reminder for everyone interested in celebrating the upcoming International Lolita Day in style with us at the opera! This December 4th, we'll be seeing the 12:30 pm performance of La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera and then enjoying tea at the Russian Tea Room afterward. There are still a few seats left for the opera (we're not all sitting together-- it's catch as catch can), but they're getting more and more expensive as the date of the opera approaches. If you'd rather just join us for tea at the Russian Tea Room, that's fine! The cost for High Tea is $50 not including tip or tax, and the menu can be found here.

Since the holidays will be right around the corner, we should do a little gift exchange! We'll keep it simple: everyone brings a little anonymously wrapped gift under $20, we mix them all up, and then exchange them. :3

For the opera...
Time: 12:30 pm
Location: The Metropolitan Opera

For the tea...
Time: 4:30 pm
Location: The Russian Tea Room

This post is just a reminder of the event (see previous post here) to see who is still interested in coming to the opera or the tea. It would be best to keep the total of people close to 15 so the group is easier to manage. We'll be making the reservation this week, so please comment below asap if you want us to reserve a spot for you at the tea room!

Keep in mind that this meetup is separate from amanikitty's meetup going on in NYC the same day (see this post for more information about it!). XD

Russian Tea Room attendees:
1) legsdiamond PAID
2) marthaness PAID
3) curly_b PAID
4) ongaku_chan PAID
5) mr_cutiepants PAID
6) a_dropofcolour PAID
7) archfaith PAID
8) frozenemotion9 PAID
9) lenimari512 (and +1) PAID
10) jean_emily PAID
11) reveurnoir PAID
12) knives_outx PAID
13) sakuralenayuy PAID
14) itachifangirl26 PAID
15) cupcakecadaver PAID
16) apathyonna PAID
17) noodleynaddles PAID
18) irii PAID
19) gmperkins PAID

The cost broken down is as follows...
High tea $50
20% tip $10
8.75% tax $4.38
paypal fees $2.17


Co-hosted by legsdiamond and marthaness
Tags: events: meetups
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