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Lolita in a rainstorm?

Hi girls!

I'm so freaked out! I was going to wear a black BABY JSK (Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry) to the Joshua Bell concert that I have been looking forward to since August at the symphony today, but it is POURING out with high winds! I have a four-block walk from the BART station to Davies' Hall, and while I have several cute frilly umbrellas and a short dress coat, it's inevitable that the hem of my dress is going to get soaked.

In general, is it a bad idea to wear prints in the rain? Should I scrap the coord and just stick to a solid color JSK? Would it be an even better idea to forget about wearing lolita to the symphony in favor of my comparatively expendable work skirts? I don't want to ruin my brand!

I'm leaning toward wearing my only JSK that's solid, but it's baby pink, and I'm wondering if that's symphony appropriate attire. Also, my only dress coat is BRIGHT FIRE-ENGINE RED (I spent a small fortune on it before my lolita days), and I haven't invested in a proper loli coat yet. Would it be horribly ita to wear it with my pink JSK?

It matches so perfectly with Bunny Milk, which is why I wanted to wear it...

Thanks in advance for all of your advice!

EDIT: Thanks everyone! I decided to forego wearing the print. The concert was amazing! :D
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