claudine (claudine) wrote in egl,

Y!J search terms

Okay, I've noticed this for a while now, but Y!J Auctions seems to have changed its... search system code (or whatever you call it.)? (which had been working fine for the past few years, really...)

For example, in the past you could search for just メタモ as a partial keyword search and everything would come up, including メタモルフォーゼ. Now the search engine seems to be a lot more... specific. You get exactly what you search for. This is kind of frustrating as the search results are nearly halved, and if I want to make sure I get everything I have to enter different search terms several times before I get it all.

I've even tried clicking on 条件を指定して検索 (Advanced search) and fiddled with the options but nothing seems to work like before. - -;

Help, anyone?

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