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New items of older series.

Back again all too soon, but I figured I'd not mix newly made series with older designs. So today I post new items of the jewelry series that were posted before. Once again it'll be more interesting to classic or sweet lolitas, though soon enough I'll once again cater to the gothic ladies.

Cute little rings to finish off the Ribbon Bow serie. Actually, the first prototype was done before the necklace and earrings, but I received suitable ring bases much later.

Glitter Shell collection. There will be a few more designs in it, but I'm a bit taking my time with it. For now - a double brooch (the same design will be made into hairclips), stud earrings (available now on a clip-on base) and a pair of bow hair combs (will double as a brooch).

The Cookie collection. Finally got around making photos of the dangle earrings and rings designs.

These are a sub-serie, Cream Cookies - they were the original design made into bag charms and keychains, when I just started out last year, but now they finally made it into my Etsy shop. The bows turned out a bit wonky in the pics, but oh well. Originally I used lobster clasps for the bag charms, but after a buyers request to use a chain with a clasp, since she wanted to hang it on the purse handle, I decided to use the same design it the future.

Chocolate Candy necklace and rings. This is one of the most DIY series in my store, since the buyer can choose the colors, the decoration, the shape - pretty mush everything. I'm working on a chart that will help out, listing available options in each parameter.

The chart also will help once I set up the DIY charm bracelet listing.

The original serie that started my chocolate mania - Piece of Chocolate. Comes in three flavors, three necklace designs and 2 charm options. The most re-done serie too, since it took some time to find the perfect proportions, and to finalize the design choices for the necklaces. Also quite a DIY, since any necklace can be made in any color, charm option and bow color.

En Pointe serie, one of my most prided ones, since was one of the first truly original and non-confectionery ideas, and also the first classic lolita ones. The ring, though, was a later addition.

This concludes my rant-with-flashbacks for today! Hopefully I didn't bore you with so many memories. =)
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