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Paul Cardew Tea Cup find! Image Heavy

Yay for tea cup finds! For those of you who like tea cups/sets, I went shopping yesterday with a friend and found some pieces from Paul Cardew @ T.J. Maxx!!

If you would like more info, here's his link.

He makes a very prettily designed Alice in Wonderland Tea set collection. I've been getting pieces now for about a year and when I saw some at T.J. Maxx yesterday I squealed out loud. Figured I'd share them with anyone interested.

Frothy Espresso Cup & Saucer set/2 [6.5oz]
Normally retails for $35, I picked it up for $12.99 ^_^

Tea for One, also retails for $35, I got for $12.99

And this is part of his Animal Lovers Series.

I also came across some cups from a different company, but equally pretty. They come in two different designs but my batteries died mid-photo shoot. So I can only post 1 design right now. *Edit,from the story "Guess How Much I Love You". Thanks Catspaws*

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