Lump Lingered (milkteamilk) wrote in egl,
Lump Lingered

Connecticut Lolitas Facbook Group and a local gift swap.

Just looking for some stray Connecticut lolitas! Our local LJ community, ctonthefrills , has been pretty desolate for the past year, so we recently decided to make the move to Facebook since there actually are a fair number of us for such a little state. So, if you're a Lolita in the CT area and didn't even know we had an LJ comm, check out the Connecticut on the Frills Facebook group.

To bribe everyone into joining we're hosting a small gift exchange for the locals. It will be a through-the-mail gift swap, no meetup required, so even those located a little too far away, or in the middle of nowhere, can easily join in on the swappy goodness. Details about the swap are posted both on the LJ comm and the FB group.

Posting this with a mods permission, since it's basically advertising a community!
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