RococoSuicide (rococosuicide) wrote in egl,

Petticoat at Six flags? (Also, Hime Reference pictures?)

Hello, EGL!

I feel like I'm posting a lot, but I need help with this and I know you can answer my question(s).

I'm going to Fright Fest on sunday, and i'll be wearing a Gothic Loli skirt and blouse outfit. My question is: If you were going to Six Flags, would you wear a petticoat? I know Petticoats make the look and all, but I'm just afraid of them getting messed up or crushed.

Also, I'm going to be wearing a Hime outfit for my halloween homecoming dance, and if any girls have reference pictures they could share here, I would greatly appreciate it. I've researched it a lot, but I don't feel like I've accumulated enough References.

Thank you!

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