Nymia_san (nymia_san) wrote in egl,

Barcelona Loli's i'd like to meet you :)


I'm going to Barcelona on wednesday to visit my brother and the "salon de manga" event and since i'm going there earlyer (cheaper tickets) and my brother will probably be working i'd really like to meet some local lolis and maybe go to a meetup if there's any at that time :) i tried to search for the spanish comunity since the on in lj (at least the one on the list) isn't very active but didn't have any luck...

i'm staying till monday so i'll prabably have quite much free time since i already know the city and my brother will be working some of the days so i'm really looking foward to meet some local loli's and maybe visit some loli stores, if there is any :)

would lso apreciate if someone linked me to the active spanish lolis comunity :)

Thanks in heads up,

Tags: discussion: lolita sightings/roll call
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