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New question about An*Tai*Na Shoes....

Ive Searched through the Memories and old posts several times and have yet to find the Answer Im Looking for.

Basically I like to know the fine details before going through with something. And Taobao is Still Something im trying to get an Understanding of!

I wear shoe size 10.5 almost 11, and Ive been creeping the An*Tai*Na shop for some time now. In their shop some shoes come up with Options for sizes 34 through 45, yet lower down it says to Pick sizes labeled S, M, L, & LL.

My Question is, as my translator is giving me nonsensical English, Has anyone Ordered these Larger sizes and do they Actually carry them?!

Many people ive read up on have ordered the sizes that fit into the S-LL catagory but I dont so I wanted to ask!

Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated! :3

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