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Fashion Museum Contest Winning Entry.... Lolita?

There's a really interesting blog by the FIDM Museum (not sure what the letters stand for off the top of my head). A while back they had a redesign contest where the inspiration piece was an 1872 fuchsia day dress. Well, today they announced the winner, and guess what current fashion it just so happens to share a striking resemblance to. I really don't think it could be coincidence, though the article doesn't specifically mention lolita or japan.

I thought that this was pretty awesome and also I wanted to share a really great blog with everyone. It talks about clothing from all different decades and eras. Some are more recent, but there are lots of older pieces that work well for lolita inspiration. I especially love how they work to put the fashions into social context for their time periods.

Edited to include some of my favorite blog articles

Here's some interesting ideas for hair accessories:
Paper Headress

A great reason Wa and Qi loli can fit in more with the loli aesthetic:
Kimono Dressing Gown

Since winter's coming up, here's an interesting new idea to keep warm, lol
Quilted Petticoat
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