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New Web Shop Open! + Craft Posts: Jewelry and Idea for Waist Ties and 1 Tutorial Review

Posted with permission from laiferr 

Hello everyone!
Over the summer I finally made my website,, into an actual web shop. I haven't really officially announced it anywhere until now because I felt I didn't have enough items up for purchase and I felt I would be wasting everyone's time with only a few items. At the moment I mainly have necklaces, rings and buttons for sale and as time goes on I will be adding to the shop's stock. Anything labeled "New" is usually in stock. As mentioned in a comment below we are working on a better way to move/mark items that have been sold out. Since it is a web shop, all payment and shipping is calculated through the shop itself. I know it may sound obvious, but I have had people confused about this.

You can add us on twitter and facebook to receive announcements about new items in stock and where our next convention location will be. Links to both pages can be found on the website home page. I also plan to have a raffle/contest now and then. I have had one running on twitter for US residents to receive a free mystery item when I reach 50 followers on twitter, and stays that way for at least a few days. You can read about it here.

So please check us out and tell your friends!

Now for other things. Since the weather has cooled down considerably I have been able to do more crafting as of late. I started working on Halloween themed jewelry in August. I made both sweets jewelry and my new love, resin jewelry.

Most of the charms on the sweets jewelry were hand sculpted and faces were hand painted. Some of these are still up for grabs on if you're interested you can check there to purchase them. These are only some of the pieces I made for this year. There are more items that you can see on the website.

Sweets Necklaces:

Sweets rings:

Resin Necklaces:

Resin rings:

A couple months ago I was commissioned from someone on the community to make a couple bags out of waist ties. At first I thought maybe tote bags since there isn't a whole lot of fabric in a waist tie. However by adding a little more fabric I was able to make these:

Close up of pink

Close up of yellow
Aside from the fabric lining the panels of the purse and strap I used just about every piece of the waist ties. Both these bags were made with waist ties from dresses from Meta. If the waist ties are 1 whole panel of fabric that's folded over, there's enough fabric to make bags like this. I don't know of many companies that make double sided waist ties. The ones I've seen from Baby and AP usually seem to be 1 sided with lining.

And Finally, using this screen printing tutorial, I made a print for a whole dress. Just to warn you, the print and color is very non-lolita.
In September I went to see X Japan in concert. hide is my favorite member. I wanted to wear something interesting and nice for the concert and normally I would opt to cosplay as hide, but I had already worn that cosplay to an X Japan event in July and I didn't want to cosplay because it would be hot and we were going to be in line for hours. I decided to make a dress using the print seen on one of hide's signature guitars. Following the instructions on the tutorial, this is what I came up with:


I think the tutorial is a great way to make your own prints. The instructions are incredibly easy. If you try it out make sure you cut out the pieces for your stencil very well and try not to tear any pieces off because the fiber of the freezer paper  can get in the way of the paint. Also if you're using a thiner fabric 1 coat of paint should be enough. I used 2 coats on one of the skirt panels and the paint came out a little too thick. Also, I found that wax paper should probably be put under the fabric being painted to make it easier to remove whatever news paper or card board you put to protect your working surface/the other side of the garment. I ended up tracing, cutting and painting 200+ hearts and I was eventually able to get the hang of this whole thing. I did have some help from my bf, he was the one who made the heart print on photo shop for me to trace and he did help cut and paint (I had to give credit where it was due).

I know my dress may seem a little plain, but I had a ticket for the pit and there was a big chance of something happening to it. Nothing happened to the dress thankfully, but the head bow and wig I wore weren't as lucky, someone kept pulling and knocking my wig off during the first 2 songs so I had to remove it and hold it during the remainder of the concert and at the end of the concert I discovered that my head bow had ended up on the floor and under people's feet T_T.

And that's all for now :3 Thank you for taking the time to read through my post!

Please remember to check us out at

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