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Bodyline Eff-up

Hi there,

About two weeks ago I placed an order with Bodyline; I needed a new blouse, and a friend of mine wanted two pairs of shoes from there so I ordered those for her, too. I also ordered a skirt - it was a nice skirt and it didn't cost a lot.

A few days ago, I received the package, had to pay taxes - great - and then happily tore apart the sloppy packaging (DHL, of course. No box).
My joy was soon squashed.

The two pairs of shoes, the belt, and the black blouse came in just fine. No damage, or anything.
But instead of the lovely black skirt I was looking forward to wearing, there was another blouse. A white one.

It looks as if an unicorn puked on it. Crappy - and HEAPS OF IT - lace, and I can go on about it but in short: it's something I'D NEVER EVER CHOOSE TO WEAR.

I was very disappointed, but thought that maybe it could be solved easily.
Therefore, I e-mailed Bodyline immediately, explaining what I'd ordered, what I'd received, and what could be done about it.

Two days  later, I received this reply:

You can order new list
Have a nice day
Thank you

I copied this exactly from the e-mail. I can't make any sense out of it, I've NO idea what they're trying to tell me, but I think that if I want that skirt, I'm going to have to order it again.

So, in short, I'm stuck with a hideous blouse and Bodyline won't do a thing about it, I'm afraid. Unless anyone can tell me what that reply's supposed to indicate.

I'm very disappointed.

Has anyone else had this problem with Bodyline, and if so, how was it solved?
Thanks, and sorry for sounding harsh!

EDIT: I filed a Paypal dispute, I hope it's going to help!
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