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Some of your input on my deco nails

Hello everyone~!!! I'm looking for some info/advice and I figure this is the best place to get it~ XD

My good friend actually wears lolita and always looks cute (although she may say otherwise lol) and my first time in lolita was this year~ which I found to be very nice to feel cute for a day lol XD

Anyway we both love making nails to match our convention outfits and I think it was this same lolita friend who got me hooked on nailart in the first place!

It has created a snowball effect and now I hope to make more lolita items in the future but for now I will stick to nails so I would like some input if you dont mind on:

1. Your thoughts on my designs~?
2. Should i make my nails more deco?
3. Should I make nails to match dresses/prints? Would they sell well?

These are a few of the nails I have created from my 40+ designs yet to be made ^w^
the scroll and skull design was all painted by hand~ I need to take a better picture so you can see the design~
colorful heart set~ I have a solid pink version of this one too~
nail set I wore a few weeks ago to japan fest at the New Orleans museum of art~ ^^
lollipop nails unfinished due to user error on a toaster oven lol~ i love the design of this set <3
nail set inspired by a dress i must get in the future~
pink fruit set that was based off my friends design~ I always liked her pink fruit nails and made a set to share with everyone~ ^^
my most popular design lol but mostly in red~ at mechacon i think i sold out of the 4 red dot sets i had in the first day and people kept asking for the red ones at louisianime~ XD
roses & bows with strings of beads/pearls~ this set took quite a bit of time to complete lol
gothic lace~ lol these are not stickers i hand painted these ^^

you can find more pictures on my deviantart:

Tags: beauty: nails

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