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Wig Q: unnatural colour half wigs?

Can you buy unnatural colour half wigs? (aka pink, blue, green, ect)

Having decided to kick the cosplay habit (out of stress, mostly) I've found myself with a small collection of wigs that I love too much to sell on.
Trying to think of ways that I could bring new, lolita life into a few, I thought I could take a shoulder length blond wig and add layer of hime like curls to the back. The wig itself is not very heat resistant, and would need a lot of extra wefts to hide the netting when curled up and lifted in such a manner, and I realised it would be difficult to find similar colored wefts. I considered just adding all over wefts and mix with another type of blond but I came to the conclusion that a half 'n' half, blond and pink (with the pink as the back/hime curls). Doodle below.

The best way to get the outcome above, I guessed, was a half wig. A very thick, curly, PINK half wig. I could be wrong, but I guessed that a half wig could easily go over the back of the wig (which could either be curled for extra ‘poof’ or pinned away).

My backup plan was to find pink clip in extensions, the very wide sets that you can get, to clip into and sort of ‘fake weft’ the spaces where the wig netting is showing by clipping copious amounts of these extensions in as I style the wig. I assume it would create a more blond/pink mix hime-poof but would be just as cool (and hopefully resemble the picture below).

My last resort (last because I’m scared of ruining a wig) is to MAKE a half wig from a full one. My preference leans towards a ready-made half wig that would already have the lift of a hime hair style (Guessing that I would have to style and weft the self-made half wig anyway, defeating the overall purpose). Any ideas?

Has anyone ever seen half wigs in unusual colours for sale? Preferably somewhere that sells worldwide.

Or, is it possible to make a half wig from a full wig?

Or, can anyone think of another method?

All thoughts welcome, and thank you muchly for your time :)
(I promis that I've use the serch function, memories and some sort of failed reserch my full ability.)
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs, request: information, request: site recs/reviews, tutorial: request
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