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Possible Michigan Meetup/Hair/Coord Advice?

There's an anime convention coming up in Detroit, Michigan called Youmacon at the Detroit Renaissance Center on Halloween weekend!!~
I currently don't know of any other Poupee Girl/egl girls in my area, but are any of you attending or have heard of this con?

If so, what do you think about planning a possible meetup? ^o^

And for Hair & Coord Advice....
My hair currently looks like this:

(Please don't mind the derp face, no makeup, fly-away/carelessly done hair, and bright green dollar tree polo. Pictures after work FTW.)

(Side view)

I'm debuting my first Lolita coord (outside the house xD) at Youmacon. (If you're wondering what I'm wearing I bought the red/pink Alice in Wonderland JSK, strawberry tote, blouse that needs to be cut up a bit, red heart buckle shoes, (all from Bodyline) and white tights (pictures of it all can be included if someone wants to see what these look like together or individually) ^^
I was planning on ordering a wig to go with my recent Bodyline purchases but lack of money said No. xD
By Halloween I plan on chopping another inch off and adding some more high/low lights. 

Now, what can I do to dress this up to make if more Lolita like? :D (Other than bows. I make my bows. =3)

Thank you!!! >w<

Coord pics...

(More derp face + bad lighting ewww...)

(Lots of Poof with 4 petticoats! But this dress needs to be pressed... or ironed? Will that hurt it?)

I'm wearing my red heart buckle shoes in this picture (you obviously can't see it lol) but they seem like they're 2-3 sizes too big. I ordered a 26 from Bodyline, but didn't take into account that the heart buckle shoes run HUGE in size. So my feet are about size 8-8&1/2 and I ordered what feels like a size 10. Should have gone with 24's (they were out of 25's when I ordered.

As for the shirt....just WOW.
I feel like I'm going to fly away on my gigantic collar!
Defiantly going to cut half of it off I think (it's a waste of a shirt, but I don't have the time/money to replace it).

And as for accessories I'm lacking...
-Pink/Red large hairbow is in the making
-Going to wear some handmade rings & earrings
-Should pull together some bracelets as well

But that's that!
What do you think? 

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