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Monthly Theme : Red Parasol

this is poem is about a friendship between a doll at window display and little Victorian girl you always carries a red parasol, its more recent that the last, and this one more of Classical feel to it. Hope you enjoy it! and if there are any mistakes let me know where and i will fix!( cuz I ish just terrible editing my work)

Red Parasol

In this town forgotten but true, Everyone’s eyes are blue
Simple steps along the shadows of the sun
As we walk by time with an antique clock in hand
We watch these new petals die in the arms of every child

A Red parasol smiled at me today
Dress in all white with brown shoes and bouncing hair
How strange to see such wonder in little blue eyes
She held my hand as though we were old friends

In this town forgotten but true, with nothing but eyes of blue
There’s a Wall lion playing peek a boo, with bells rhyming with a who
The age of silk slowly gone but a child of lace I had become
The ticking of an antique clock while I write on the walls of time

Red parasol came to visit yet again but red parasol was no longer 10
Fragile waters that kissed her blue while she was dressed a new
A Piano psycho solo screaming like water
“Why did you love? You died such a little death” said I

Fairy Dreams are in the shining cotton rivers
Yet Days that scream like heads of confusion on streaming winds go by
With every breathe on these new days keeps hope alive
Red parasol I hope you remember to stop by

In this town forgotten but true, the gazes are made of blue
Chimes of silver bells while old time dies in pride
In my cold skin I see films of a mad ticking clock
Dear secret friend will you still come? I am still here waiting play again

Brown shoes and Bouncing hair but little eyes are not of blue
The time is new! So dear who are you?
Bathtub magic dancing on a swinging chair
Oh how this wonder excites this nostalgic dust

Twirl and twirl! Goes my bouncing curls
Red parasol you have become such an Aristocratic beauty
With a dame to your name, you are still the same
Though your eyes are no longer of blue

Under jasmine colored moon light a company of three is sipping tea
From now back to your ten your you were always my secret friend
Now that we walk side by side! That antique clock may close its eyes
In this town forgotten but true, new petals now blossom in the blue.

Tags: media: fictions/short stories/poems, theme: october

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