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Theme post: Dark Sleeping Beauty


Honestly I wrote this poem a really long time ago, like 3-4 years back? I can't really remember the exact date >w< But I thought it was suitable with the dark and somber theme for this month's post so I decided to share it with you guys :)

Dark Sleeping Beauty

Deep inside an abandoned castle
Surrounded by a hedge of thorns
Lies a girl asleep on her bed
Never to awake from pain and mourn
Her life was empty, without a soul
She knows not of love nor trust
For she has been betrayed by the person she loved
And her heart was left to rot and rust
Are you willing to save her from the realms of despair?
If so, then you have to prepare
Your heart must be loving and free of sins
Then you will find your courage within
First, you must journey to the devil's lair
Then enter a portal covered with blood and gore
There you will find a kingdom enveloped in darkness
A place that only exists in myths and folklore
Make your way through the maze of dreams
Be careful not to slip into the abyss of shadows
Cut a path through the thorns of depression
And creep into the castle of sorrow
Pass through the rooms of the 7 deadly sins
Then walk across the hall of hopeless tomorrows
Run quickly pass the gallery of never-wins
And stop in front of the door of lost souls
If temptation has not misled you and your heart remains pure
You will find that girl's chamber behind that door
Open the door a little and give a peep
If the coast is clear then in you creep
To awake her, you must scare away her fears
Release her hatred with a loving embrace
Kiss away her bloodstained tears
And whisper sweet nothings into her ears
If her eyes flutter open then your deed is done
You saved that girl from the evil one
If her eyes remain closed then all hope is lost
And her heart will be covered in eternal frost


Feel free to give constructive critiques and comments~!

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