victory vampire (baxaronn) wrote in egl,
victory vampire

Unnaturally-colored hair and classic lolita?

I don't currently own any lolita clothing, nor am I in any position to spend any more than the bare minimum on clothing of any kind. But it's something I really want to do in the future, if it ever becomes possible. I've always been a poofy-skirts-and-frills kind of girl. ♥

My tastes lean strongly towards classic lolita (though I admit there are a few sweet prints I would die for), and lately I've been spending a lot of time staring wistfully at the sites of Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdalene.

The other day I was looking at what would be my dream dress if I had a snowball's chance of ever fitting into it. And my mom, who doesn't "get" lolita and thinks I would look ridiculous at best, said that she would love to see me in it. Specifically, she thinks this color would look absolutely incredible with my hair.

Which made me wonder...

My hair is blue. This gorgeous color, actually, a dark blue that shines bright blue and sometimes purple in the sun. I love the color, and have no desire to permanently give it up.

If I were to start wearing classic lolita, would I have to invest in wigs, as well? Could I "get away with" my current haircolor if I wore it up and out of the way, and sort of hid it with hair accessories? Or would it be all right to flaunt it, if the way I wore it suited the classic style?

TL;DR: Wannabe classic lolita has blue hair. Are wigs doomed to be a constant in her future wardrobe?
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs, discussion: styles
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