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Fail to Deliver...

Alright, well...this is sort of an awkward story.

I spend quite a bit of money online, including the egl comm sales.  I admit to spending a lot, actually.  So does my fiancee!

We're having problems with our mailman, apparently.  We live in an apartment complex on the second floor.  Our mailboxes are located on the first floor, and are a "community mailbox" - everyone has different ones, locked, etc.  Typical apartment mailboxes.  Many times with packages, our mailman will stuff it in our mailbox (which is slightly small, but most of the time its small packages that are clothes...nothing ironing won't fix).  And when the package is too large he has to go up (1) flight of stairs to deliver it to us.  If we are not home, he has to leave a slip saying he tried to deliver it, etc.  If you live in the US, you should know this pretty well.  The slip you sign and he is suppose to leave the package at your door, at least normally.

Anyway, last week my fiancee got a slip in the mail talking about his package and one of mine had came in and we weren't home to receive it.  He signed it and left it in our mailbox for the mailman.  Aaand we haven't seen those packages since.

This is...sort of awkward for us.  We don't like to cause problems but several things have possibly happened and the one I've assumed happened is someone has stolen our packages since the mailman left them in a public area (IE: the first floor mail area) unlocked when he should have delivered them to our door.

What do I do?  I've never really been in this situation.  Someone has stolen or lost our packages and I don't know what to do.

Called the postal office, they gave me a number to call which was the place where all the packages are picked up, etc.  They asked for my name and address, and said they'd ask all the carriers around if they remember placing my package(s) anywhere.  The lady said if the website said it was delivered, that it was delivered.  And if I didn't recieve it to contact the seller if they had insurance on it...or whatever.

I suppose that's just a ring around what I want to happen.  Our mail carrier is -lazy- and considering he just left that out or placed it somewhere else or something is a problem on him.  After losing about 100$ worth of things, plus what my fiancee ordered (a good 100$ more) we aren't very happy.  From now on I'm sending my things to work. =\

Update #2: The mail office called around 6 pm or so today finally saying they found our packages.  Apparently they were in the corner of the mail office and our mail carrier had scanned them but didn't actually...deliver them?  I'm not quite sure what went wrong there.  We're going to pick them up tomorrow, and I'm beyond happy to hear that they were stolen like we had pretty much instantly thought.  
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