hutchy_cheese (hutchy_cheese) wrote in egl,

Case Study

Just a thank you to everyone who had taken part in my survey. It's been a great help and is much apreciated.
I'm now asking for one last favour. This is really for the hardcore lolita. If you see yourself as a life style lolita, someone who lives and breather the style then please contact me through this thread.
I'm going to be undertaking a survery of three trends and lolita is in my catogry for an 'underground' trend. This will involve me asking personal questions, such as age, occupation etc. I'm covered by my universities protection act and have signed the papers indicating that I must obey certain rules.
After I've re-read these rules and constructed my study I'll be asking the chosen lolita to fill it in etc. This won't take too long and will only take me a few days to collate my data etc.
So if your interested or know of anyone who would be, then please leave a message saying how your a 'life style' lolita and a point of contact.
Thanks again to those who've helped me with my survey (and to those who still have to), your help is important.
Tags: community: research/essays/projects, community: surveys/polls/questionnaires
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