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PrettyCute Magazine reminder


Hello everyone!

The first edition of PrettyCute Magazine is still up for all of you to read at www.prettycutemagazine.com. (There have been issues with legibility of the flash file on the main page. If this goes for you, we suggest you download the high quality version at the bottom of the main page.)

We'd like to remind you of the deadline for the photography contest, which is November 1st. Be sure to enter in time if you want to, the winner gets to be displayed on the next issue's cover!

We've added a rule to the photo contest. In order to keep the content original, you're allowed to post one picture from your shoot as a preview on the internet, as long as you mention PrettyCute Magazine with it. We'd like for you to wait to post the rest of your pictures online, until the second issue of the magazine is up!

In other news, PrettyCuteTV has uploaded another video! This time, it's a report from the Sailor Meetup in Holland from this summer. Enjoy!

Please don't forget that we appreciate all your feedback and contribution! You can e-mail us at prettycutemagazine@gmail.com. We read and reply to every e-mail. ;)
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