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Massive Art Post (also sorta fits into the "sombre" theme!)

Due to a variety of reasons (mostly not having a scanner until recently and laziness) I have not posted a real art post in quite a long time. I'm very sorry, EGL, I'll try not to let it happen again. In the time that I've not been posting, I HAVE created quite a bit of art, though, so hopefully that will make up for not posting it sooner.

Little Red Riding Hood

She's supposed to be a fortune teller, hence the crystal ball. I thought she would look lovely with beautiful curves, too. Not every loli is a Japanese size 9, you know!

This is the first in a series of circus inspired lolita picture I was planning on doing. This pair represents a lion tamer and her lion.

This is the second in my "Cirque du Loli" series and also a gift for a clown-loving friend. Unfortunately, I haven't done any more circus pics since then because I am lazy. Please yell at me and kick me until I do more (the next I'm planning on doing is a lolita strongwoman! )

Back to non-circusy things. I really, really, really think castle hats need to be the Next Big Thing in lolita (I forget who said it, but one girl told me she was going to make one inspired by this pic. I don't know what ever came of it, though, so if thats you, please do tell me how it coming along!). Also, yum roadkill!

I came up with sort-of a fairy-tale idea when I drew this pic. In it, an unhappy princess runs away to live in the wicked forest just outside the kingdom. Her father, the King, sends out one of his men to get her back, but when he find her in the woods hes found that she had made friends with the monsters living there and doesn't want to leave. He tries to force her to come back home, but when the beasts see him trying to take her from them, they kill and eat him. The princess then lives happily ever after.

I always like to try out new or underdeveloped lolita styles in my art (since I don't really have the budget or the sewing skills to go around actually WEARING new styles willy nilly). In this picture I wanted to explore the concept of Sweet Aristocrat. Sorry for the crappy coloring on this one, I only had, like, 6 markers at the time and both of the pinks I had were almost dried out (later on as my art shows more color, thats when my lovely friend Haylee let me borrow her Prismacolor and Copic markers =D! I am eternally grateful, but I still have to give them back, 'cause I've had them forever.). Also, my dad says the guy looks like Milli Vanilli, which is totally unintentional XD (not sure if hes supposed to look like Millie or Vanilli, though).

I used more of my near-dead pink marker for this 3-headed Rococo bust.

Eh, theres a lot I don't like about this one, but whatevs. It IS hilarious when people pull of their heads, though.

Just one of the zillions and zillions of lolita designs that I've come up with that I want to comission one day but probably never will because I never have any money =(. The dark gray portions of the dress would be regular black cotton, the black parts would be black velvet. The coffins on the front would be functional pockets.

Three dolls, but one is broken! Also, the one on the left is Wa-lolita inspired but I wanted to do something a bit different than the usual Kimono top + lolita skirt combo. It still has a little of that, but I tried to change it up a little.

Fun Fact: I watch WAY too many cartoons than a "grown woman" probably should. The concept behind this was to do the Power Puff Girls as if they had become teenagers and decided to start wearing lolita.

For this one I was inspired by the styling of OTT Sweet lolitas, but wanted to apply it to a more gothic style. I kept the voluminous wig, lots of accessories, fun shaped purse, and bold-printed dress, but with a darker edge. HOPEFULLY it works, but I kinda think I need to go even further. I always think I need to add extra crazy details, though, so maybe I'm just crazy, lol.

I was thinking about how I never see boys in Fairy-kei, so I wanted to do sort of a fairy kodona look for this one. I'm not really into fairy-kei so I'm hoping I did a good job of representing the style with this one (if not, please tell me what I did wrong! Also, if you've got pics of guys in Fairy-kei, please, do share!). His shirt has a skull vomiting a rainbow. (also, this is the first of my fabulous marker drawings!)

Fanart for the lovely Jillian Venters, AKA cupcake_goth , AKA The Lady of the Manners, AKA oneofthemostawesompeopleever.

Silly dead kodona's parents never told him not to take candy from strangers. I think that guy looks like hes about to take the kid's hat. Its a nice hat, but I wouldn't murder children for it.

Copypasta from DeviantART 'cause I'm lazy: "The concept behind the girl's outfit: I've sometimes heard sweet lolita outfits in black referred to as "bittersweet". I've always wondered, though, what about the opposite of that? What about a gothic outfit, but in a sweet color scheme? I've only actually seen such a thing in real life a couple of times, but I really like the concept, so I wanted to draw something with that in mind."
Also, I think the guys sorta came out looking like a cross between Alex from Clockwork Orange and Brian Viglione wearing kodona XD. I didn't mean for him to, though.

I made this one for this month's banner contest. As you can tell, I did not win.

Fans of Cow and Chicken/I.M. Weasel should recognize The Red Guy =D. This is another example of how I watch too many cartoons, lol. I was watching Cow and Chicken and for some reason I felt compelled to draw The Red Guy in loli. He suits it, doesn't he? And of course, he is sans bloomers.

MOAR fanart, this time of Lenore. One of the many reasons I like Atelier BOZ so much is because some of their dresses really remind me of her. I always thought it would be fun to wear a BOZ dress and cosplay as a lolita Lenore, but since I'm not a cosplayer and I'll probably never fit into BOZ, I decided to do a picture inspired by that idea instead (no, the dress isn't supposed to be any particular BOZ piece).

This is my lolified version of St. Lucy, whose story you can read here .

For this one I wanted to do something sort of inspired by Tim Burton's style.

The toothfairy. More lazy copy and paste from DA: "The idea for this picture was that the tooth fairy had gotten greedy, and instead of waiting for baby teeth to fall out, she turned to murder so she could take the teeth of her victims. As you can see, she displays her spoils strung up on dental floss and tied around her skirt as a decoration.

And because I believe in giving credit where credit is due, the design for the tooth fairy was heavily inspired by the Evil Queen from the Snow White issue of Nightmare and Fairy Tales. Don't go accusing me of art theft, y'all!"

Like most lolis, I am not immune to Alice in Wonderland love (and not just because of the new movie, either!). I figured I was over due for some lolita wonderland art. And no, the Cheshire cat wasn't in the tea party scene, but I like to imagine that he was spying on Alice throughout her whole adventure.

I thought this girl looked very alienish- perhaps from some race of Spider worshiping gothic lolita aliens. IDK, it could happen.

And with that, kids, my Art Post is over. If for some reason you still want more, see my DeviantART page.
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