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Some news bytes

Not sure if anyone's mentioned it at all, but I didn't see these things when I used the search option for egl.

For people in New York, the Museum at FIT has an exhibit called Japan Fashion Now until January. Covers a pretty wide range, but does include various alternative fashion designers, including egl styles. Sure, you don't need an exhibit to see Baby, h.Naoto, and BPN clothes, but it could be fun and hey, it's in a museum so you can file it under culture. X3

For people in San Francisco, the Black Peace Now store in Japantown is looking for a part time worker X3 So if you're handy, and you're gothy, and you need some extra money, could possibly be worth your time to look into it.

For people who did Kera Snaps at the Fantaisies event in San Jose earlier this Spring, selected photos were printed in issue 37 of Gothic & Lolita Bible, on sale now. The few who were chosen to be printed look lovely and represent the US loli comm pretty well X3

Now go return to your lives ♥ X3
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