Jackie M (mujitsukyo) wrote in egl,
Jackie M

Classical Puppets ~ horrible company.

the order:

I have been doing shopping services for taobao the last couple times I have been to china. I use a chinese friend to help me, as I don't know how to bank transfers fully so it's better safe than sorry, and she is great.

anyways, I ordered 5 petticoats for classical puppets.


I have herd nothing but great reviews about them.

I ordered them Sept 14th, which when i did they said 7 days to make them (which i kinda thought was odd because they told me 3 weeks last time..) anyways 7 days to make and than 1-2 days for shipping.

the problem:

the last couple weeks i've been sending them messages, just to make sure they would arrived on time. I didn't care that it was late because I am in nanjing until October 15th. They continued to promise that it'd be here before than anyways.

So today, October 15th, i message them and ask why i have not received all the petticoats yet. They said they had shipped 2... I have suspicions of if thats even remotely true. Why would you ship half of my products to me and not the others? without knowing they screwed up.

So they offer me a partial refund and no petticoats.

why would i want half my money back and nothing in return i don't know.

I suggest they either give me a full refund or ship them to canada at their cost, since it was their mistake.

they tell me first they can't ship to canada, because it's impossible.. which i know is a lie because i am in china too it's perfectly easy to do so. My chinese friend started to help me at this point because i was just mad.

So she comes back and tells me that they won't ship internationally because it's not the international price. My obvious argument is that they wouldn't have had to ship internationally had they shipped to me locally within the 4 weeks they had to do so.

I even offered to pay for half the international shipping because like i said this isn't for me it's a shopping service. They even refused that..

current situation:

>they have now lied to me,(saying they cannot ship internationally )
>they won't ship it to me internationaly
>they refuse to refund me fully even though i haven't received anything
> they will not even negotiate to fix the problem.

anyways, I have no received petticoats or my money back and the seller continues to be a problem. I super disappointed, as this isn't an order for me but someone else. As a shopping service if i don't receive the petticoats i'll obviously have to refund my buyers and it's not only a loss for me, but for them for not getting what they wanted.

I just thought this can be a warning to all other buyers. I will keep everyone updated.
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