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Kajonk-A-Con and Lolita Panel Cancelled!

Kajonk-A-Con 2010: CANCELLED!!!

"A lot of major problems have come up in the past couple weeks that will prevent us from having KAC this year. We're very sorry, but we were unable to find a way around it all and still be able to have a convention worth attending. We are still on for 2011 and will let everyone know the official date once we're able to find a weekend that isn't conflicting with a UT home game (or fall break like a couple years ago.)"

I'm very sorry to break this news to you wonderful ladies how have been planning for this, but after many technical and communication difficulties, all of Kajonk-A-Con, including the Lolita Panel have been cancelled. The staff had problems with the website, forums, promotion and just about everything else included in anime convention. Murphy’s Law, I suppose.

But do not fret! We can still salvage the situation!

Some of the cosplayers who were planning to go to the convention have worked so hard for this, and had this date cleared, like many of us Lolitas, so they have planned a meetup for those who would have been attending Kajonk-A-Con this year. The organizer said we could come. Unfortunately, this meetup will be in World's Fair Park in the MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER. It could be SNOWING. We would have to dress warmly or freeze to death. Kinda hard to do in knee-length skirts.

I still think we should all get-together though. Compared to other communities of Lolitas, East TN Lolis have very little interaction. I don’t think we've had a meetup outside of friends. Well, I say enough! Since all of us had this date set aside for the panel, we should use it as a chance to have a meetup... somewhere. Preferably indoors. Away from the cold.

We could either do this at the World's Fair Park Cosplay Meetup (and freeze our rufflebutts off), or somewhere else. I was thinking Cities Cupcake Boutique. It's like The Cupcakery, only a with a less modern feel on the interior. It's very small, and may not be able to fit all of us, depending on how many of us go. (There were about 15 Lolitas coming to the panel.)

Any of you have any other ideas/places to meet up?
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