Lessie, Noblesse oblige (mydarlinglessie) wrote in egl,
Lessie, Noblesse oblige

Bloomers talks

Hello ladies! i wanted to tell you about this new section in my blog, called bloomers talks , lolita interviews basically, i know there are LOTS of blogs doing this, but oh well it is so much fun! you can't blame me, you can read the first interview here. This time i interviewed miss rosie. from San Marcos, California.
i'm open suggestions,since this is the first one,and if you want to participate please tell me!i'm looking for more lolitas to join, i would be glad <3. also if you please link me to your blog if you have one, i love adding new ones.

thank you so much and delete it if is not allowed
Tags: lifestyle: blogs, request: information
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