sodapop_wolves (sodapop_wolves) wrote in egl,

Two Questions

 Has anyone attempted to wash, vinegar set, or dry clean the Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry print by BTSSB? If so, what were your results? I have the red version of the dress and a friend of mine has the white version, both of which seem like they might bleed horribly. I checked the list of things that can and can't be washed, but it isn't on there yet. 


Secondly, does anyone know the "actual" measurements of the Star Night Theater Bodice/Strapless JSK? I know Hellolace says the measurements are 90~100cm bust and 70~80cm waist but I've seen a few comments from girls saying it's not nearly as forgiving as the official measurements say it is, especially in the bust. I've been considering buying it, but I don't want to spend a lot on a dress that isn't going to fit. D:

Tags: *baby the stars shine bright, discussion: clothing care, request: measurements
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