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Dark House Art Project

 Kind of in theme with this month's aesthetics? Maybe?

My drawing class is currently working with black conte crayon. The latest project that we have to do is a drawing using only black conte on white paper and incorporating a picture of a house [the teacher provided a print out of the house, so we're all using the same house] We could do whatever we wanted with the house, make it larger or smaller, as long as it was in the drawing with correct proportion and shadowing. Because it's October, the drawing also needs to be "dark," in the sense that it should literally be dark, taking full advantage of the range of tones we could get from the conte.


She was just a drawing to keep me busy between "busy work" [drawing and shading folds in fabric ;P].
My friend pointed out she looked like Mana, which I kinda sorta not really almost see? Either way, I had sudden inspiration of what I wanted to do for my house drawing. DOLL HOUSE. I have no idea how I reached that out of Mana, but here it is anyway. It's just the rough draft, still on newsprint and about 1/2 or 1/3 scale of what it's going to be??

The draft is about 8x10. And I was definitely flipping through a GLB looking for a Mana reference ;D The dress however is not what Mana was wearing in the picture, but he had on a short sleeved blouse and Iron Gate, which I did not want to draw the details for nor did I want to draw hands, so on went a longer dress with sleeves e 3e;

Critique it if you'd like, it's due next week on tuesday, so I've got time before I start making things absolutely official on the larger paper. Please tell me what to put in the background, haha. I don't know how I feel about having two BJDs in the back...

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