NICOLE :3 (nami__chan) wrote in egl,

Tea stains?

I've been browsing the memories and care posts, but still haven't had any luck on my specific issue and was wondering if perhaps someone on here might be able to help me a little better.

It's probably FAR too late and the stain has definitely set, but about a month ago I spilled green tea on my AP Jewelry Jelly jsk (mint colorway). I tried a few things at the time it happened, but never got a chance to really sit down with it until recently. I've tried a few conventional attempts at cleaning tea stains, but so far I think I've only made it worse.

Does anyone have any advice on treating tea stains on AP? Should I try tide-to-go? Have I lost my window of opportunity and will just have to live with it? Should I try and put it in the washer on the hand wash setting?
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