lolitasempai (lolitasempai) wrote in egl,

help me egl! my hair needs to resemble messy cotton candyXD

(I apologize ahead of time for bad picture quality, and icky spelling and editing)
hi guys! im trying to recreate this hairstyle that maki from AP is wearing. If you have any tips, tuotorials, ect that might help me i would love that:) Im going to TRY(try is the operative word hereXD), to create this style with  either one of my wigs, or, *gasp*, my own hair! (both my hair and the wigs in question are mid-back length if that helps any).
ANY input is appreciated:) even if your going to tell me i have to buy a wig already styled like this:/    in the first picture maki is the one on the right, in the second she is on the left:)

Tags: beauty: hair/wigs, tutorial: hair
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