~A rose by any other name would smell as sweet~ (selfdestructful) wrote in egl,
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Mr. Rococo movie/what not to wear episode

Hey! So i found out about the movie via this post, as i am sure all of you did as well. What I was wondering is, does anyone know if the movie has come out allready? It's been a few months so I figured it had, so if it has, does anyone know where i could get my hands on a dubed version of the film? or something...

Also, on the nights that the lolita episode of what not to wear was on, i had work. I have looked and looked and looked, and i cant find the full episode. Is there somewhere i can watch it, or am I SOL? And i don't want any links to the 3 30second clips on youtube. watching them was just a tease and makes me want to see the whole episode even more. lol
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