Mistress-Mary-Quite-Contrary (ourladyvictory) wrote in egl,

Salopette Question

Hi, everyone!  I searched in the archives but I couldn't find anything that answered my question...so...

What exactly is a salopette (have also seen 'salopette dress', 'salopette skirt', and 'salopette JSK')? I had thought that the word referred to what most people I know would call 'overalls' or 'bibbers', and a 'salopette dress' to maybe a 'pinafore dress'? I've been in the fashion (not necessarily wearing, but definitely paying close attention to) for close to 6 or 7 months now, but I have never seen the term applied to Lolita clothing before. Even more confusing, none of the items I've seen the term applied to even remotely fit my previous understanding of the word. It may be because I am definitely a Classic girl and don't pay any attention to AP until I see it turning up on daily_lolita? I'm seeing it applied to more clothing than the AP dresses, though...if any of you could clear this up for me, I would be so grateful. ^^

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